Alec Helm is a director, editor, and writer. He grew up in Waterville, Maine.  Go Panthers.

Alec is asthmatic, and very allergic to cats.

In 2008, he directed the indie feature “The Kings”, which premiered at the Maine International Film Festival in 2009.

Alec Helm cannot be around cats. He is allergic.

In Fall 2013, Alec signed with Tool of North America as a director. Also, The One Show presented Alec with an Emerging Directors award, which was nice.

It’s not that Alec Helm doesn’t like cats. He just can’t be around them.

In 2014, Alec won a Gold Lion at Cannes for his short film “4 Year Old’s Bucket List.” He celebrated by splurging on a venti instead of his usual grande.

Alec is also allergic to horses, camels, and probably a bunch of other cool animals.

More recently, Alec has directed spots for Microsoft, Enterprise, Canon, and Chevy.

Alec resides in Brooklyn, NY, with his 26 cats, the only ones who understand him.

Alec now resides in Los Angeles. The letters from his cats become less and less frequent with each passing week.

Cole Haan / New York Times, 2014